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Life is Great is a service based in India, 

transnational in outreach, 

trans-religious in message 

and trans-denominational in character.

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Decision Today - 1      

Decision Today - 2  

Decision Today - 3  

A Great Life for you begins with an important decision that you make today. 

That decision will change your life from the defeatist to victorious, 

from the mundane to the heavenly, from the transient to eternal.


Every human decision should be founded on truth and sound reasoning. 

The decision that you make today should in addition involve your whole 

spirit and soul, your whole mind and heart, your whole will and reason and emotion.


Decision Today helps you explore the very foundations of human existence reading from the most authentic authority on wisdom and knowledge.


Decision Today reveals to you that life of every individual is ordained to be great and victorious.


But that great life is depended solely on the most important decision which every individual takes.


Decision Today helps you make that important  decision today. *    

Discipleship Today
Discipleship Today helps you live the Great Life, day to day, by being a true disciple of the True Master. It empowers you to be at peace within the Universe, the World, the Society, the Profession, and the Family and with yourself.*


Discussion Today 
Discussion Today discusses various spiritual, intellectual, emotional, ethical, political 

and other issues that directly or indirectly affect human experience of the Great Life.*

Desire Today

Desire causes desire for Truth;  
Truth causes desire for Intimacy;  
Intimacy causes desire for Vision and Eternity;  
The end of all desires.

 Direct your question towards grace, not towards instruction,  
desire, not towards understanding,  

towards the groaning of prayer, not the enquiry of reading,  

towards the
Loved One, not the teacher,  
towards the
Loved One, not humans,  

towards darkness, not brightness;  

not towards light, but towards that fire that completely inflames

and leads to the
Loved One by transporting devotions 
and most burning

Desire Today helps you identify and fulfill your deepest desire.*

Contact Today
 Contact Us Today with your requests, comments, and /or support *



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