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Life is Great.

The Good News is that you can be free of

emotional crutches, intellectual insufficiency,

physical disability, familial instability, financial need,

social insecurity, political crisis and eternal evil.

  Life is Great has been molded by

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a search for Life that stretches for thousands of years,

a revelation of the Life

that occurred two thousand years ago,

a tradition of living in that Life in a pluralistic society,

and vibrant  personal experiences of that Life

amidst trials, temptations and tribulations.

Our Mission

To Glorify God and serve humanity by bringing the Good News of the Great Life available freely to all and to assist humanity in fulfillment of that Life by helping meet the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, familial, economic, social and political needs of each individual.     


Life is Great is a service based in India, transnational in outreach, Tran religious in message  

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Kottukapally, Pala -686575, Kerala, India
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